Spelberoende – Varningstecken & Risker

Att spelberoende är en svår sjukdom, känner de flesta redan till. Här finns det olika nivåer av spelberoende. Det hela börjar oftast med att någon tappar kontrollen över sitt spelande och på så sätt skapar det vi kallar problemspelande. Vidare leder förlorad kontroll till viljan att vinna tillbaka förlorade pengar. Det kan i sin tur leda till allt från raserad ekonomi till ett kraftigt spelberoende. Här tar vi upp varningstecken och risker som kan vara ett tecken på spelberoende.

On this page we write and tell you how to choose and play at foreign casinos . Because of that, we will of course raise the question of whether there are more risks with playing a casino without a Swedish license. Follow along and read on and see what we come up with.

What is controlled gambling?

Controlled gambling means that the player has full control over his finances and how much he plays for. A person who gambles controlled and has full control over his gambling never gambles for more than he can afford.

There will be different ways to go about controlling your gambling. The three most common are:

  • To sit in the driver’s seat and really have total control. (Something that most Swedish players can actually handle)
  • You take advantage of and use the gambling control tools offered within the framework of responsible gambling.
  • Activate a Game Pause, or a self-shutdown to block access to games.

All three of these options can counteract, stifle incipient problem gambling or prevent the onset of a gambling addiction.

Behaviors and changes in behavioral patterns that indicate gambling addiction

A person with incipient problem gambling or gambling addiction, both of which are signs of gambling addiction, often becomes introverted. Here, those around you can often see signs that a previously open and social person closes in and stops socializing with people.

There can of course be many other reasons for such behaviour. However, it may be well worth checking if it is about a person who likes to gamble for money. Furthermore, there are a number of other changes in a person’s behavioral patterns.

  • A person with an incipient gambling addiction automatically tries to minimize or deny the problem. This both in front of himself and his surroundings.
  • The person tries to keep the gambling a secret, or lies about how much they really gamble for.
  • Shows incomprehension of others who give good advice and believes that a person should not play so much. This with the idea that they will once again show how wrong they were with a really big win.
  • A person with normally very good finances who has never borrowed money before suddenly asks for several smaller loans.

Warning signs that indicate problem gambling or gambling addiction

Above, we covered the various behaviors that the player himself does not know. In that case, it was good what the environment can see, which is then a change in a person’s behavior. Here it is instead about warning signs that may indicate problem gambling or an incipient gambling addiction.

If you are then awake as a player, you can beat Olle in the door before it is too late. In other words, you can listen for warning signs and prevent a growing problem. Below is what you should listen to:

  • Do you have trouble being close to games without actually playing? Having trouble ending games before the money runs out? Are you constantly trying to win back lost money?
  • Are you wasting too much money? Will it be difficult to get the finances together and pay all the bills?
  • Are you starting long money to play? Do you take a blank loan at the bank or online or do you max out the credit on your cards?
  • Do you sell some of your possessions to finance your gambling?
  • Do you see your wife/partner, family and friends worrying about you and your gambling?

All of the above are clear signs that you may be entering, or already entering, a gambling addiction. Something you can actually prevent the extent of, by listening to signals and your surroundings.

Steps to help yourself and treatments

Depending on the extent of the problem and how far your gambling addiction has progressed, there are options to help. Here there is something we call self-help, while there are also a number of different ways to treat gambling addiction.

The differences between these two choices is that you, who choose self-help, have to listen to yourself. When you choose treatment in any form, you get to listen to others instead.

This is how self-help against gambling addiction works

For self-help to have a chance to work, you need to be a person who can open up and talk about your problem. You also need to be the one who listens to your family and friends. They are people who see the problem from the outside and the damage it causes to others around you.

Here you are not weak when you ask for help, but instead a very strong person. A person who has opened his eyes on his own and sees the problem with sober eyes. Because it will never be too late to correct the problem that has arisen.

Here, all this will require enormous courage and iron. You must hold yourself responsible for what has happened. Has your gambling addiction gone so far that you’ve gambled away family money and borrowed money you can’t pay back? Yes, then it becomes even more difficult.

Once you come to the realization that you are responsible for the problem that has arisen. Then you can start putting the plan into action to change everything. Here again you have to learn to control your emotions. One of the best things is to find a healthier hobby or a new interest.

Many times, however, you will find it difficult to cope with everything on your own. Here you may need help to get rid of your gambling addiction. In that case, there is everything from friends and family to the municipality, care and various treatments.

Different types of treatments

The first and easiest way to get help with an incipient gambling addiction is to contact the Support Line. Here, there is always someone to talk to. This is a channel that can be used by both gambling addicts and relatives of those who gamble too much.

Furthermore, you will then have the municipality where you live, which should always have opportunities to help and guide people with these types of problems. Likewise, treatment can help with gambling addiction. There are different types of treatments here.

Firstly, there is, for example , Spelberoendes Riksförbund , which is an association spread throughout Sweden. Here they devote themselves to treating gambling addiction via therapy in conversation groups. Something that allows you to meet others who are in the same situation.

In addition, there are special treatment centers for gambling addiction. Here, it is usually common to use treatment techniques based on cognitive behavioral therapy. A technique that is based on you realizing, taking responsibility for and solving your own problems.

Something you must not forget is also that there are other things that may need to be resolved. Have you, for example, put yourself and your family in great financial debt? Yes, then you may also need financial advice or a debt settlement.

Greater risk of gambling addiction when gambling without a Swedish license?

Today, many people say that playing on the foreign gambling market without a Swedish gambling license would be associated with greater risks. Of course, they have created fantastic player and consumer protection in the Swedish gaming market. Here it is really hard to say anything else. So, at the expense of a lot of gaming experience, the Swedish gaming market has become the safest in the world. Is it then the case that there are greater risks of becoming addicted to gambling when gambling outside the regulated market?

The first thing we have to think about is whether there were several gambling addicts in Sweden before the Swedish license came into effect. There aren’t really any statistics here that speak for it. With that, we could think that it is just as easy to fall into a gambling addiction at Swedish casinos as it is at foreign ones. In fact, this is absolutely true. What is different nowadays is the protection that the betting companies in different markets offer their players.

All gambling sites outside the Swedish regulated gambling market cannot join Spelpaus. Something that means there is no national suspension register. Thus, you cannot shut yourself down and block access to games on the entire international gaming market. On the other hand, you couldn’t before the Swedish gaming license either. In that there is no evidence that it created more gambling addicts during that time. Yes, then it becomes very difficult to believe that it can be a factor and reason today.

Summary of Problem Gambling and Gambling Addiction

Of course, the best thing will always be to be able to control your playing. However, this, which many see as simple, is not at all a matter of course for others. Is it the case that you wake up early and realize that you are falling into a gambling problem? Yes, then there are great chances for self-help.

The smaller the damage when the problem is discovered, the easier the solution will always be. Has it taken longer and they have managed to develop a gambling addiction? Then it can be more difficult to manage it all on your own. However, there is always a solution to your problem.

Here you should not be afraid to seek help. You’re not the first to get caught up in the gaming world. There are thousands all over the world who fall for the gambling devil every year. Here you should seek the help you need and correct your problem.

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