Den svenska spelmarknaden

More players to the foreign gaming market

Something we have clearly seen every year that has passed since the Swedish gambling license came into effect, is that several Swedes choose to leave the Swedish gambling market. Not completely without a gaming license, but without a Swedish license. What attracts the most are MGA casinos , where we can still keep our tax-free winnings. However, there has been a change in 2022. Nowadays, you do not receive bonuses and offers on gaming sites with gaming licenses issued within the EU.

Because of that, all bonus hunters have had to look for new hunting grounds outside the Swedish gaming market. Then most of the choices have fallen on casinos with a Curacao license. This is about a gambling authority and a license that has grown in reputation in recent years, to which we today consider a serious gambling license. Here there are no obstacles to bonuses and offers for Swedish players. Besides that, many have discovered that they offer very good sports betting in combination with exciting and modern casinos.

The Swedish gambling market and the government

When it comes to gaming policy, it really seems like the previous social democratic government shot itself in the foot time and time again. Here they put a strong focus on the Swedish gambling market and Swedish gambling policy. With Ardalan Shekarabi at the helm, there were many restrictions and prohibitions. That, both for Swedish players and for gambling companies with a Swedish license. Nowadays, however, we have a new bourgeois government, which does not show as much interest in creating more problems for Swedish players who opt out of the Swedish gaming market.

Among other things, we have seen that there is no longer any talk of creating stronger rules against game advertising. However, they are already so extensive that there is hardly a Swedish gaming company that dares to mention their bonus offer. In any case, it looks like the year ends with a good present for Swedish players who want to play without a Swedish license. The great witch hunt that was previously a fact seems to have more or less come to an end.

Most Swedes still choose games with a Swedish license

Another thing that is completely clear is that most Swedes still choose to play casinos with a Swedish license . Of course, it will also continue that way, as there is a simplicity and security that the great masses like. The fact is that it is only about the sums that are played for in foreign casinos . Small sums in the grand scheme of things. In 2021, Swedish players turned over approximately SEK 2.5 billion at casinos without a Swedish license and other foreign gambling sites.

It is only 10% of the total turnover that Swedish players bet in 2021. We do not yet know for sure how the total statement will look like in 2022. However, from the three quarterly reports we have seen, we can state that there seems to be a small increase in games outside the Swedish gaming market. It is also something that we believe will continue with each passing year, but with time diminish somewhat.

Problems with card payments outside the Swedish gaming market

Something that began to be felt for some Swedish players at international online casinos during the first half of 2022 was problems with card payments. Here, the government, the Swedish Gambling Authority and the Swedish banks have a collaboration regarding the blocking of deposits to known accounts at unlicensed gambling companies. Here, however, it is not set in stone, as it may still work on some game sites. However, we no longer consider it a safe payment method that is recommended for Swedish players outside the Swedish gaming market.

However, this does not mean that there are no problems with making safe deposits and withdrawals on unlicensed games. There are still a number of direct bank transfer methods that work here. Furthermore, there are also a number of well-known and very reliable online wallets.

Bonuses are no longer given at EU casinos

Something that also became apparent in 2022 was that it is no longer possible to get welcome bonuses and offers on gambling sites operated by gambling companies that are licensed within the EU. In that case, it is generally the gambling authorities of Estonia and Malta that we are talking about. Here they have spoken with the Swedish gambling authority and worked out a collaboration. It says that they do not offer any bonuses or other financial incentives to Swedish players.

In return, they get a bit of a free pass, where they can accept registration and games from Swedish players without any obstacles. This as long as they follow other rules and do not market themselves or target Swedes and the Swedish gaming market.

Summary of the Swedish gaming market in 2022

Things still look good on the Swedish gaming market. Most players go here when they want to play casino and betting. Of all the sites with a Swedish license, Svenska Spel’s website is unbelievably the most popular. About 50% of all players choose Svenska Spel. Besides that, we can understand that many choose gaming companies with a Swedish license. Here, they get well-known betting companies and safe play, as well as that they also have access to everything.

The only thing you don’t get are several bonuses and offers after the welcome bonus. Then many people get annoyed by the three-second rule. Furthermore, there is the risk that you happen to get a lower RTP, which gives you less chance of winning. When we take that into account, we also understand all those who choose to leave the Swedish gaming market. It is your legal right as a player to play exactly where you want. As we see it, there will not be more bans during this government period.

Here, the Swedish gambling market will stand side by side with the unregulated market. Both will do well, where we will see a slight increase in gambling at unlicensed casinos.